“Harsh Hardwari”

Harshavardhan Joshi a.k.a Harsh Hardwari
Qualified UGC NET (Music), Uttarakhand SET (Music), M.A. (Tabla), Sangeet Prabhakar (Vocal, Tabla), Sangeet Visharad (Tabla), Senior Diploma (Harmonium), Junior Diploma (Guitar), B.com (Regular).

The New Batch will be started from January 1st, 2022. (Every New batch starts always on the date 1st of month).


This subtle sounding hand drum called Tabla is one of the ancient musical instruments used in Hindustani Classical Music. The purpose of the course is to make your tabla learning easier and catch up quickly as you go through the course. Learning basics principles of playing Tabla to more advanced Taals, you will be trained with theoretical knowledge with enough practice by Mastro.


The course will include all of the foundations of harmonium music, including tonic position for specific Raagas, basic finger movement techniques, one complete Raaga and Taal, basic rhythm, tempo and Jaati principles and theory, Taal padhan and Sargam telling traditions, simple Tehai making techniques and more. Successful completion of this course will ready any student to enroll in the next, intermediate level, harmonium course.


The Vocal course is ideal for students who are looking to build their career in signing especially in Hindustani Vocal Music. We build a strong foundation where learning is a process of constant exploration of the music of your inner self. Our aim is to develop the student’s ability to use the basic elements of music in order to improvise the singing. The course will help the students to acquire the knowledge of sargam, clarity of voice and learning to focus on stability of the music note and match the pitch of the song with Tanpura.

About Us

Founder & Director

Smt Hemlata Joshi and Dr. Pramod Kumar Joshi Ji
Harsh Hardwari Music Academy was founded by Smt Hemlata Joshi and Dr. Pramod Kumar Joshi Ji. Smt Hemlata Joshi Ji learned the classic music from Shri Veer Singh Rawat Ji, Late Shri H.S. Pal Ji and Late Shri Vasudev Rao Deshpandey Ji. Dr. Pramod Joshi Ji is a renowned Tabla player of Haridwar. He learned Tabla from famous Tabla player Late Shri S.S Srivastava, DAV P.G. College Dehradun, and Late Pt. Jagdish Mohan Sharma Ji, Vocal Lecturer, Gandharva Mahamandal, Delhi. Now, under the Directorship of Dr. Pramod Kumar Joshi Ji, the academy is nourishing new talents.

Shri Harshavardhan Joshi Ji
Born in a traditional Hindustani Classical Music family in Kankhal, Haridwar. Shri Harshavardhan Joshi, known as Harsh Hardwari, discovered his interest in music at an early age. He started practising music at the age of 4. At home, he got the initial music education from his mother Smt. Hemlata Joshi Ji and his father Dr. Pramod Kumar Joshi Ji. As he grew, he started giving stage performances as a Tabla Solo Artist, Tabla Accompanist (with Hindustani Classical Vocal, All Light Music styles, Instrumental), Harmonium Player and Accompanist. As a vocalist, he performed as a Music Singer, Music Composer, Music Treater. Now, Shri Harsha is nourishing new talents as a music teacher and spares his time in writing Hindi and Urdu Poetry. He also learned Guitar and violin and later discovered his passion for Hindi and Urdu poetry and started writing Songs, Ghazals, Bhajans. His firm determination and his lively passion for music gave him a new life and new strength to emerge as a better Human being.



Harsha Performance

Student’s Learning

Student’s Performances










Harshvardhan Joshi is an eminent musician having excellent technical knowledge and skilled in the multiple music instruments like Tabla, Harmonium, Violin etc. His excellent vocal ability with classical retro songs is amazing and he teaches vocals with instruments and instruments with vocal practices. In a nutshell, he trains you as a performer.

Rupesh Kumar,
Music Student

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