Music Genre

Rhythmic Instruments

Indian – Tabla (Classical & Light), Dholak and Naal
Western – Bango, Kango and Chango

Tonal Instruments

Harmonium, Synthesizer/Keyboard (Casio) and Guitar


Hindustani Classical and Light Music

Special Talent in Music Performances & Training

  • Playing Tabla Solo and Tabla Accompaniment
  • Singing with playing Harmonium from an early age
  • Writing Notation of any Tonal or Rhythmic Composition whether it is classical or Light
  • Composing new Naghma (Lehra) in different Raaga and Taal on Harmonium. 
  • Composing Music for Geet, Bhajan and Ghazal (Light Music Style)
  • Training Students for any vocal & instrumental competition or cultural program.

Music Achievements

  • Received “Utkrishtha Pratibha Samman” in music from former Mayor of Haridwar city and Shri J.C. Jain, the well-known industrialist of Haridwar.
  • Received the honour , “Medhaavi Chaatra Alankarana” in music, at Haridwar in 2016. The award is given by Mahamana Seva Sansthan, Haridwar, Uttarakhand.